What Is SmartWork Chemistry?

SmartWork chemistry refers to W.W. Norton's online chemistry tutor for high school students; the program allows students to learn and practice the principles of chemistry. The program links to an e-book edition of the paper version of the textbook so pupils can refer to the text. The SmartWork chemistry online program was created in May 2011, and the user license lasts for 180 days as of August 2014.

SmartWork chemistry follows Norton's third edition of "Chemistry: The Science in Context," published in January 2011. The entire course is an introduction to general chemistry concepts such as matter, atoms, molecules, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, electricity, biochemistry and nuclear chemistry.

SmartWork allows teachers to customize tutorials and questions based upon the text book. Students can access assignments online, on mobile devices and on tablet computers. Quizzes and assignments give students and teachers instant feedback to assess how to move forward with an individual's class work.

The idea behind SmartWork chemistry is to provide additional guidance that may not be available when school is out of session or when a teacher is out of reach. From a teaching perspective, the program points out to instructors what needs to be improved in a student's academic performance. SmartWork even includes pre-built assignments that go along with the textbook's chapters.