What Are Some Slogans for Environmental Pollution Control?


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The most memorable slogans for environmental pollution control are short, catchy phrases that are easily written on signs and posters or chanted as part of a protest march or demonstration. Popular choices include "Earth Loves You, Love It Back" and "Let's Save Our Mother Earth."

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As scientific evidence grows of the dangers posed by unrecycled waste and environmental toxins, activists worldwide are calling for reform. They routinely stage protests to raise awareness and to facilitate change in environmental laws. Demonstrations, pickets and marches often feature dynamic, short slogans that are included on signs, posters, chants and t-shirts. As with commercial advertising, the most effective and memorable slogans are creative and succinct. Any slogan that is memorable becomes a powerful ally of influence for the groups who use it.

While some organizations prefer to create their own slogans, there are a number of online venues that collect and provide popular slogans for use by activist groups.

Among the popular choices available are: "I Have A Dream And It's Green;" "Give A Hoot -- Don't Pollute;" "Recycling Begins At Home;" "Every Day Is Earth Day;" "Nature Is Life -- No Nature, No Life;" "Crush Greed and Go Green;" and "Give Earth A Chance."

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