What Are Six Ways to Keep the Environment Clean?

There are many ways you can contribute to a cleaner environment. Protecting the environment starts with the responsible use of harmful substances in the home. Below are six ways to help keep the environment clean:

1. Plant more trees as carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is readily absorbed by trees and plants.

2. Since vehicles are a major contributor to toxic gas emissions and smog, walk or bike whenever possible. Use public transport or a park-and-ride facility if convenient. Make use of community car pools to minimize the amount of vehicles on the road.

3. Avoid disposing of hazardous materials in normal household trash.

4. Use canvas bags that can be re-used for shopping instead of paper or disposable plastic bags. This will minimize the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

5. Use organic alternatives to garden and lawn chemicals when possible. Avoid the use of garden chemicals before a storm to prevent storm water pollution.

6. Use non-toxic or biodegradable soap, free of phosphates, to wash the car. Wash the car in a gravel driveway or over the lawn. Soap and grime will be neutralized in the ground before it can pollute streams and creeks. Better yet, make use of a commercial car wash where water is recycled.