What Are Some Facts About the Silver Maple?


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Some facts about the silver maples include that it is a native North American species, it has leaves with distinctive silvery undersides, and its wood is typically used for pulp or inexpensive furniture. Silver maples provide maple syrup, but in much more limited quantities than sugar maples.

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The silver maple grows throughout the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. It can also be found in parts of southeastern Canada. Both the bark and leaves are silvery gray, but the leaves are especially noticeable when a strong winds blows along the branches, showcasing the contrast between the tops of the leaves and their silver undersides.

Silver maple is very fast growing, and it is used in the lumber industry as a source of moderately priced hard wood. Although it is classified as a hard wood, it is considered one of the soft maples by the industry. Soft maple woods are softer and less strong than hard maple, but easier to shape.

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