What Is Silicea Good For?

Silicea is a homeopathic remedy for many ailments such as inflammation of bones and joints, healing of scar tissue, and pus and inflammation of the skin. Silicea also improves skin, hair and nails.

Silicea is the common name for silic acid. Though it is slow acting, small amounts can be taken to improve hair, skin and nails, or it can be used as a treatment for various ailments with the bones, joints and skin. Silicea can help brittle nails, acne or dry skin, and strengthen hair and help it to grow faster. Silicea can be used externally on sores and ulcers, or taken with water or milk for internal ailments. It can be used as a cleanser, or to initiate the healing process.

It is produced in the body naturally in the vertebrae, connective tissue, nerve fibers, and the skin and nails. If not enough silicea is produced, it can cause many unpleasant symptoms that affect several areas of the body including the head and scalp, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth including the tongue, teeth and gums. It can also affect the abdomen, sexual and urinary organs, the respiratory and circulatory systems, skin, tissues, and cause sleeplessness and nervous symptoms.