What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Female With a Hormone Imbalance?

Symptoms of female hormone imbalance include hot flashes, joint pain, low libido, fatigue, depression and diarrhea, explains Dr. Mehmet Oz. Additional symptoms include night sweats, mood swings, memory problems and sensitivity, notes WebMD.

Symptoms of female hormone imbalance vary by the particular hormone involved, explains Dr. Oz. Decreased levels of thyroid hormones, referred to as hypothyroidism, can lead to brittle hair, low energy levels, dry skin, depression and weight gain. The reverse condition, hyperthyroidism, is the result of excessive thyroid hormone levels in the body and leads to symptoms such as excessive sweating, anxiety and a racing heart. Low estrogen levels, on the other hand, cause joint pain, hot flashes and headaches, among other symptoms.

Low libido is often caused by reduced testosterone levels, while irregular sleep and depression are typically the result of low melatonin levels, notes Dr. Oz. Melatonin plays a critical role in regulating the body's internal clock. Overeating and the resulting constipation may be the result of an imbalance in levels of ghrelin, the hormone that causes hunger pangs, and leptin, the hormone that signals satiation. Elevated blood pressure may be due to dysfunctional aldosterone production; the hormone is responsible for controlling the body's sodium-to-water ratio. Increased accumulation of abdominal fat and a weakened immune system may be the result of consistently high levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for energy boosts in stressful moments.