What Are Some Signs of Puberty in Boys?

signs-puberty-boys Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Some of the signs of puberty in boys include growth spurts, the appearance of facial hair, broader shoulders and body odor, according to About.com. Other signs include pimples, hair growth in new areas, deepening of the voice and changes in the genital area.

Boys also show signs of emotional changes when going through puberty, explains About.com. This may include a new interest in the opposite sex or mood changes. A boy going through puberty also may develop anxiety or excitement about his changes and may become less talkative or start being shy or reclusive, especially around his parents.

These changes often appear gradually, and it may take several years for a boy to go completely through puberty, claims About.com. In most cases, boys begin going through puberty at some point between ages 9 and 14. This can be a difficult and complicated time for both boys and parents, but there is help available in the form of books and other resources, such as a family doctor, coach or other trusted individual.

Parents are advised to make this a positive experience for the boy, states About.com. Though there may be some uncomfortable discussions, it is important that a boy know that a parent is there for him. By preparing for this time in a boy's life, the situation can be less awkward and more positive for everyone.