What Are Some of the Signs That Indicate a Finger Is Broken?


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Some of the signs that can indicate a broken finger, or bone fracture, are swelling, pain, bleeding or an inability to move the finger in a normal manner. If these symptoms continue after applying ice to the injury, obtain medical attention as soon as possible. Some other more obvious signs of a bone fracture are the finger turning blue or a bone protruding through the skin.

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The term "bone fracture" is used to describe any medical condition in which the continuity of a bone has been broken. Although it is commonly used, "broken bone" is not an orthopedic term. A bone fracture in which bone protrudes from the skin is called a "compound fracture."

The bones in the hands and fingers are small, but a fracture can cause the larger set of interactive bones to malfunction if the injury does not heal correctly. The entire hand may not align properly and may remain stiff and painful. The fingers, or phalanges, contain a total of 14 bones. Bone fractures in the fingers are usually the result of breaking a fall with the hand, or getting the fingers caught in a slammed door. Sports and power tool use can also be a cause of a finger bone fracture.

If the fracture is not severe, an orthopedist can realign the bones without surgery or the use of pins, wires or screws. After realignment, the finger is placed in a splint so that the bones can heal properly. The splint is usually worn for about three weeks.

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