What Are Some Side Effects Resulting From the Use of Red Marine Algae?

Red marine algae, or Carrageenan, often has side effects that include slowing down the clotting of blood and lowering blood pressure. It is safe to consume in limited quantities.

Red marine algae is used to treat many diseases and conditions including boils, urinary infections, goiters, asthma, ulcers and tumors. It also used to treat a cough, bronchitis, intestinal problems and for those looking to lose weight. Patients undergoing surgery are advised to stop consuming red marine algae at least 2 weeks before the scheduled operation. This is because it interferes with blood pressure and its clotting mechanism. People with low or high blood pressure should avoid using it.

While there is no standard dose, it is important to consult a physician prior to use, especially if the patient is suffering from a condition or takes other medications.