Should People Protect Endangered Species?


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People should strive to protect endangered species. Since all species are interconnected, the extinction of one could have far reaching and detrimental effects on others, notes Curiosity.com from Discovery.

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Should People Protect Endangered Species?
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Humans are responsible for the loss of many species of wildlife, insects and birds. In Yellowstone National Park, a decline in the population of gray wolves affected the elk population, and its numbers increased. This caused widespread destruction of trees around the water bodies. Migrating birds did not have any place to nest, and the water was too hot for the trout. Gray wolves had to be reintroduced into the park to control the elk population and reduce the impact on the trees.

The honey bee is another species that is affected by human activity. Honey bee numbers are dwindling due to excessive use of pesticides. Bees are responsible for pollinating fruits, vegetables and nuts. If humans do not step up and protect the honey bee population, then 90 different food plants will disappear and greatly affect what humans consume. Gene banks collect and store DNA from species that are endangered. This makes it possible for scientists to clone a particular species if it faces extinction in the future. In this delicate ecosystem, humans have objectively coherent, observable reasons to do their bit to save species that are on the verge of extinction.

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