Why Should People Care About Global Warming?

Global warming affects people, plants and animals around the world in many ways, causing an array of short-term and long-term consequences, such as polluted air, warmer atmospheres, health ailments and extreme and unpredictable weather patterns. Global warming is thought to pose threats to environments and ecosystems on land and at sea. It may contribute to a rise in sea levels and cause floods, droughts and more frequent and severe hurricanes, tornadoes and snowstorms.

One of the biggest concerns of global warming is its potential to create extreme and unpredictable weather patterns. Primarily, weather patterns may take the form of prolonged periods of heat and dry weather, which in turn causes droughts, increases the risk of wildfires and poses threats to wildlife, fauna and economies by limiting or preventing crop growth. Another major threat of global warming is that it may pose significant health risks and consequences. It has the potential to increase levels of smog and urban pollution and may accelerate the spread of certain diseases and illnesses. Global warming has the potential to jeopardize the health and well-being of many organisms, including polar bears, which are at risk of drowning as the ice floes they use to rest on disappear. Lastly, global warming may cause glacial retreat and sea levels to rise.