Why Should Kids Keep the Environment Clean?


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Kids should learn to keep the environment clean because they may have to face the effects of climate change during their lifetime, and it helps them develop a positive work ethic. Children are the future of the Earth and any harmful damage to the environment now is likely to result in negative effects when they are older.

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Young children are at a stage in life when they are still impressionable, meaning that the habits they develop today may potentially last a lifetime. Teaching kids to look after the environment can only benefit them in the long term. Also, children who help to keep the environment clean learn respect for those around them.

Although children are still young, there are many small actions they can take to save the environment from further harm. Some examples include always disposing of trash, recycling used items as much as possible and encouraging friends to do their part. It is difficult for some adults to change their bad habits regarding the environment because they are used to doing the same thing for years. Children offer an opportunity to make a difference now, as well as in the future. When they reach adulthood and have kids of their own, they can pass on the lessons they learned when they were young.

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