What Should You Include in an Essay on Environmental Pollution?


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The contents of an essay on environmental pollution depend upon whether the essay is narrow or broad in scope. A broad essay covers numerous types of pollution. For example, it could cover air, water and terrestrial pollution. A narrow essay considers a single type of pollutant or even a single pollutant, such as terrestrial or light pollution, and gives more in-depth coverage and examples.

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A broad essay concerning pollution might give a brief overview of each type of pollution with examples. Air pollution involves topics such as smog, carbon monoxide and ozone that affect overall air health as well as climate. Water and terrestrial pollution often overlap, as similar types of chemicals potentially affect both land and water. Oil spills, heavy metals and synthetic estrogens are examples of pollution that affect water sources, terrestrial life or both. The essay might also delve into more abstract varieties of pollution, such as noise or light pollution. These topics get far less attention than do issues of chemical pollutants but are no less important, especially in urban environments.

An essay on environmental pollution might also focus on a specific pollutant, such as large, industrial spotlights, DDE or mercury. An excellent approach to this type of essay is to choose a specific type of pollution that directly affects the ecosystem and quality of life in one's own region of the world. In any essay of this sort, be sure to include the many effects of pollution. Pollution not only impacts animals and ecosystems but also plays a serious role in human health.

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