Why Should Humans Go to Mars?

Humans should go to Mars to slowly work towards building a civilization there, according to Digital Trends. Overpopulation and limited resources on Earth makes Mars a potentially suitable place to colonize. Scientist Stephen Hawking claims that humans need to colonize planets in the next 1,000 years to ensure survival.

Space.com mentions the possibility of life on Mars. Evidence also indicates that Mars once held rivers, streams and oceans before becoming a drier planet. Scientists who studied Martian meteorites determined that microbial life is a possibility on the red planet, and hot springs beneath the surface of Mars possibly holds life as well.

According to Discovery, finding out if Mars hosts complex civilizations and intelligent life is also worth knowing. Intelligent life on Mars provides more information such as life origin, the evolution of plants and animals, along with how intelligence is developed. Scientists also believe complex aliens may provide more of an explanation on the evolution of religious faith.

Further study of meteorites from Mars also determines that natural resources is potentially beneficial to humans. Mars landers found trace amounts of vital minerals such as aluminum, titanium and iron. The Opportunity Rover also found copper, gold, zinc, tungsten and a variety of other elements. So-called “blueberries” are structures that contain hematite, a type of ore that makes steel.