How Should the Environment Be Protected for Future Generations?

should-environment-protected-future-generations Credit: Chris Conway/Moment/Getty Images

Ultimately, the protection of natural resources and the environment requires the implementation of legal and political measures, and the advancement of science and technology. Like fixing a car or leaking appliance, protecting and conserving resources for future generations requires essential tools and techniques according to United Electrical.

Resources include everything from food and water to energy and minerals. The resources on earth provide living species with food, nutrients and water, help to sustain jobs and incomes around the world and support the growth and transformation of economies and industries. Food and water supplies are essential to allow life to continue around the world and can be protected through legal and political measures, such as the implementation of laws and policies to allocate and distribute resources evenly among consumers.

The fields of science and technology also facilitate the preservation of resources, as they help farmers grow and produce larger, hardier and more diverse selections of crops and herbs. Energy, often overlooked, is another important natural resource that comes from several sources, including finite sources like oil, coal and other nonrenewable materials. Legal and political measures, such as the implementation of laws and policies to regulate and moderate extraction, can help make these resources last longer. Simultaneously, the introduction of new energy sources, thanks to science and technology, facilitates resource sustainability.