Why Should We Conserve Energy?


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One of several good reasons to conserve energy is to save money, which occurs when the amount of energy consumed by individuals, companies and organizations is significantly reduced. Cutting down on energy costs also boosts the economy. Outside of economic reasons, energy conservation improves the environment by reducing pollution.

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Homeowners, businesses and organizations of all types are able to save on monthly electricity, heating and air conditioning expenditures by switching to energy-saving appliances and light bulbs. These financial savings help to stimulate the economy, because consumers and businesses have more money to buy goods and services. Energy conservation is also spurring job growth by creating jobs in the green sector. Retrofitting homes and buildings with solar panels and energy-saving appliances is an example of jobs created by energy conservation.

The environment also benefits greatly when people focus on conserving energy. Many states, and the federal government, are mandating that manufacturers of vehicles and other goods drastically reduce the amount of energy used. New energy standards incorporate technologies that reduce the amount of air and water pollutants released into the environment. Over a period of time, conserving energy leads to less smog and harmful ozone in the air, and cleaner lakes and streams. Conserving energy also increases productivity and makes life, in general, more convenient.

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