How Do You Get Shorter?

There is no proven scientific way to get shorter; however, as people age, they become shorter due to issues such as osteoporosis and gravity. Over time, gravity presses on the vertebrae and vertebrae become closer together. This forces a decrease in a person's height.

Unfortunately, shrinkage due to age is not a reversible process. With healthy choices, it is possible to slow down this process to a degree. Women tend to be more prone to conditions such as osteoporosis because their bones are smaller and lighter. Osteoporosis also worsens with age and causes something known as a compression fracture. A compression fracture is a tiny break in the bone that causes a person to hunch over or appear "stooped." Choices that exacerbate the breakdown of bone and osteoporosis include smoking and drinking. The process of bone degeneration can be slowed down by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly. Regular exercise helps bones stay strong over time, and a well-balanced diet keeps an abundance of minerals in bones to help with strength. Good foods to eat include calcium-rich foods such as milk and dairy products, green, leafy vegetables, and other foods that are rich in calcium, such as tofu and orange juice.