What Are Some Shades of Red?


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Red has a number of shades, ranging from baby pink to dark sienna. Many home improvement stores stock color cards with different categories of red to help people find the perfect part of the spectrum the want.

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Lighter, less saturated reds often start at diluted shades of pink, such as baby pink and blush, then continue to candy apple red. Following that are the classic red shades located in the middle of the spectrum, such as cinnabar, jasper and fire engine red. From there, it progresses to cornell red, maroon, prune and even into some shades of brown.

While there are numerous shades of red, the human eye is only able to detect a certain amount. This is due to the color cones concentrated in the middle of the retina. There are three separate types of these cone-shaped cells, which perceive the long, medium or short wavelengths of light.

One source of confusion is that there are synonyms for red and shades of red. Synonyms include: scarlet, vermilion, ruby and cerise, among many other. They do not represent different shades of red. The best way to distinguish between the two is by using a color wheel that can be found in almost any art supply store.

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