What Is a Serrapeptase Enzyme?


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The Serrapetase enzyme is a chemical substance that is derived from silkworms. In Japan and Europe, serrapeptase is a commonly used drug for the treatment of many different types of health conditions, according to WebMD. Serrapeptase works by digesting non-living tissues that clog the circulatory and digestive systems of the body, and it leaves living tissues intact, claims the Global Healing Center.

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German researchers report that serrapeptase dissolves atherosclerotic plaque, also known as blood clots, without damaging arterial walls, according to the Global Healing Center. Another German double-blind study found that serrapeptase is also effective at reducing edema, or swelling, and pain in post-operative patients. Researchers also report that serrapeptase can be used to reduce the pain, swelling and induration associated with cystic breast disease.

In the United States, the serrapeptase enzyme is considered a dietary supplement, so it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, according to WebMD. The means that manufacturers of serrapeptase do not need to demonstrate that their product is effective or safe.

Serrapeptase is not recommended for pregnant women because there has not been enough research on its safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding, notes WebMD. It is also not recommended for people who have bleeding disorders, because it interferes with blood clotting and could make bleeding disorders worse.

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