How do you separate salt from sand?


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To separate sand and salt, dissolve the salt in water, decant the liquid and evaporate the water to leave salt crystals. Salt and sand is a heterogeneous mixture that can be separated by physical means.

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How do you separate salt from sand?
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Step 1: Place the salt and sand mixture into a heat-proof container. Make sure the container is four to five times larger than the sample of salt and sand mixture.

Step 2: Add water. To the container of salt and sand, add roughly twice as much water as the mixture.

Step 3: Stir the mixture of salt, sand and water to dissolve the salt. Stir until all of the salt has dissolved. If necessary, add small additional amounts of water until all of the salt dissolves.

Step 4: Allow the sand to settle.

Step 5: Carefully decant the liquid. Slowly tilt the container so that the liquid flows out of the container slowly. Remove as much liquid as possible but do not allow any sand to slip out.

Step 6: Evaporate the water from the salt solution to collect the salt. Allow the container to sit until the water evaporates on its own, or heat the solution to drive off the water more quickly.

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