What Are the Most Sensitive Parts of the Female Body?

According to a small Canadian study performed in 2014, the most sensitive parts of the female body are the nipples, neck, clitoris, forearms and vaginal margin. However, certain conditions can alter an individual woman's sense of touch, impairing or heightening it in other areas of the body or causing pain.

In a 2014 study of young women, researchers in Toronto determined that the body parts most sensitive to light touch are the forearm, neck and vaginal margin, while the clitoris and nipples are the body parts that responded most strongly to pressure and vibration.

Individual variation in touch sensitivity means that these results do not necessarily carry over to any one particular woman. For example, the condition cauda equina can impair sensitivity in the genital region, which contains parts that were named as most sensitive in this study. Neuropathy can greatly heighten sensitivity in other areas of the body or paradoxically cause numbness in parts that are normally very sensitive. Hyperalgesia causes heightened pain sensitivity throughout the entire body.