How Do You Sell Old Lumber?


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The many ways to sell old lumber include selling it on Craigslist, selling to local artists or woodworkers, and contacting local lumber yards for offers. It may also be possible to donate old lumber for a tax deduction by contacting organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

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Many people look to Craigslist for old lumber, usually for crafts or firewood. Though you may not be able to get a lot of money for the wood, it is possible that someone in the local area wants to buy it. Another option is to sell to local artists, as many people use old lumber in art projects. Woodworkers also often buy old lumber, as they use it in their creations, but it is expensive to buy from retailers.

Contacting local lumber yards is also a way to sell old lumber, and many have information available to the public on the company websites. There are also lumber companies that are in the business of buying old lumber. For instance, Elmwood Reclaimed Timber buys old lumber via its website, which has a form for lumber sellers to fill out. It asks for information such as the type and species of lumber, the amount to be sold, and the wood's condition.

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