How Do You Sell Your Body to Medical Science?


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While it is illegal to sell organs as of 2015, there are a number of legal ways for humans to sell organic material, such as use of a womb, breast milk, blood plasma and sex cells, according to Bankrate. Other methods of selling your body to medical science include laying in bed for an extended period of time, offering a testicle for research and enrolling in various paid studies, explains Business Insider.

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You can sell your blood plasma on a regular basis. While compensation rates vary between facilities, the average payout is $20 to $50 per donation. Blood is collected from a donor, a machine separates the plasma from other components in the blood, and then the other material returns to the donor. Though blood plasma is primarily water, it also contains enzymes, proteins and antibodies, and is used to assist people with blood clotting disorders, burns and autoimmune disorders, Business Insider states.

You can earn money from participating in clinical studies. These studies pay participants up to $5000, to test new drugs and treatments for various drug companies, medical organizations and the federal government, explains Bankrate. Paying clinical studies, at the very beginning stages of development, present unknown risks.

NASA offers a study where participants lay in a bed all day for 70 days, to simulate some of the changes astronauts go through with weightlessness, notes Business Insider. After a careful screening process to ensure that candidates are psychologically and physically able to handle the extended bed rest, scientists study participants to gauge how real astronaut bodies respond in space.

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