What Are Some Facts About the Sedum Genus of Flowering Plants?


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Sedum flowers are decorative plants with star-shaped red, pink, yellow or white flowers and foliage ranging from bluish to silver and purple in color. They are perennials that require little care and should be planted at a sunny location in sandy or loamy soil with good drainage.

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Sedum flowers are available in a range of colors and heights, with the tallest reaching up to 2 feet. The low-growing varieties are used for ground cover or in rock gardens, while those with taller stems can be planted next to a wall or fence, and the smallest can be grown in pots as house plants. They are decorative all through the growing season and even in winter after their foliage dies. They make good cut flowers and are also appreciated for attracting birds, butterflies and bees. Examples of popular varieties are Angelina, Autumn Charm and Black Jack.

The seeds should be planted in early spring. They normally need little weeding, as they are good at suppressing weeds on their own. They are drought-resistant and only need watering in case of severe drought. After flowering, they should ideally be cut back to maintain their shape. Pests that may attack Sedum plants include slugs, snails and mealbugs.

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