What Are Scorpius's Neighboring Constellations?

The constellations bordering Scorpius include Sagittarius (the Archer) to the east and Ophiucus (Serpent Bearer) to the north. Libra (the Scales) and Lupus (the Wolf) are off to the west, and Corona Australis (Southern Crown), Ara (the Altar) and Norma (the Level) all lie to the south.

For observers in the Northern Hemisphere, the constellation Scorpius is visible in the southern sky from May until September. Scorpius is one of the few constellations that resembles the creature or object for which it is named (in this case a scorpion). Scorpius contains the red giant star Antares and a multitude of deep sky objects. The summer Milky Way runs east through Scorpius into Sagittarius, which marks the center of this galaxy. The other constellations surrounding Scorpius contain mostly faint stars and may be difficult for amateur observers to spot.