What Is Scope and Limitation?


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Scope and limitation have very different meanings, and their definitions can vary depending on the context in which they are used, but limitation can easily be understood as the various aspects of something that can not be achieved and scope is essentially the opposite, the things that are expected to be achieved. Limitation and scope are two very important concepts to understand because they can define the importance of a research study, designate the purpose of a fundraising project or be used in numerous other situations.

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In this way, scope and limitation can have numerous different meanings just depending on the context in which they are used. For example, if a new study was published that conducted some kind of research and presented its results and conclusions, the literature might include admissions about various limitations that could be of importance. These limitations could be a lack of an important variable, missing information from the data or some other aspect of the research that may have compromised the results, or was simply not considered for the sake of time, money or some other reason. On the other hand, the scope of this study may have been to study an aspect that other researchers had not looked into up to that point in time. Because of this, scope is just as important as limitation, as it helps to define the importance of the academic research in question, or any other subject that the word is used in relation to, for that matter.

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