When Was Scoliosis Discovered?

The discovery of scoliosis is credited to Hippocrates. Hippocrates developed various theories and appliances designed to address scoliosis.

Hippocrates is the most well-known of physicians of the early Greek period. Approximately 80 medical texts are attributed to him and a number of those texts discuss spinal deformity. He describes spinal structure and from his study of battlefield cadavers and athletes, Hippocrates was able to develop an accurate overview of how the bones, muscles and tendons work together. He also described proper and improper spine curvature.

Hippocrates used the term scoliosis to describe all curvatures of the spine. The Hippocratic board was one of Hippocrates' inventions that was designed to address the improper curvature of the spine via the application of traction and pressure.