Who Was the Scientist John Dalton?


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John Dalton was an English scientist famous for his atomic theory. Dalton (1766 - 1844) is also known for his studies on color blindness and meteorology.

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Dalton's fascination of meteorology led him to study atoms, the idea of which was first proposed by Democritus of Ancient Greece. Democritus believed that atoms are the base of all matter and that a single atom is a unit that cannot be split further.

Through investigation of Democritus' theory, Dalton performed many chemical reactions using various elements from which he developed his atomic theory. His theory was a groundbreaking feat that, although is not perfect as it missed variables such as isotopes, still holds credibility as the foundation of modern chemistry.

The Atomic theory discusses the state of matter as composed by atoms: given an element, the atoms composing it are defined by Dalton in regards to their unchanging and indestructible properties. It also states that it takes at least two atoms to form a compound and the arrangement of atoms will change during chemical reactions.

Dalton's understanding of compounds and the ratios of the atoms that compose them allowed him calculate atomic weights. He also represented compounds visually through drawings that illustrated how the atoms bond.

John Dalton's esteemed reputation has transcended the ages. His atomic theory changed the way in which chemistry was looked at and is still relevant in modern science.

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