What Is the Scientific Name for Seagrass?

There are seven different types of sea grass, and they all have different scientific names. These are Thalassia testudinum, Syringodium filiforme, Halodule wrightii, Halophila johnsonii, Halophila decipiens, Halophila engelmanni and Ruppia maritima.

T. testudinum is the most common type of seagrass found throughout the Caribbean and off the coast of Florida. It is distinguishable from other types of seagrass because of its long, broad blades.

S. filiforme is the second most common seagrass found in Florida. H. wrightii is found from North Carolina to the Caribbean and also along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

H. johnsonii is considered to be a threatened species because of its limited distribution. H. decipiens is found on the continental shelf. H. engelmanni is found in Texas, Florida, the Bahamas and the West Indies.

R. maritima is found in temperate and subtropical regions. It is not considered to be a true seagrass, since it grows in fresh and aquatic habitats.