What Is the Scientific Name for Kingdom Fungi?

Kingdom fungi is not a type of fungi. It is a kingdom like the animal or plant kingdom, and the scientific name of each type of fungi depends on which particular fungi is being used as an example.

For instance, molds and yeasts are phylum Ascomycota, aquatic fungi are phylum Chytridiomycota, bread molds and mucor are phylum Zygomycota, and mushrooms and jelly fungi are phylum Basidiomycota.

Approximately 70,000 fungi have been identified as of 2014, but scientists suspect there may be approximately 1.5 million or more kinds of fungi. Some species have colony masses as big as the largest plants and animals on Earth, even though many individual fungal spores are not visible to the naked eye. Fungi are vital to each ecosystem on the planet, and some fungi are studied to learn about genetics, physiology and molecular biology.