What Is the Scientific Name for a Fox?

According to the Pennsylvania State University, the scientific name for a red fox is the Vulpes vulpes. There are different variations of this name for different types of foxes.

Foxes are a carnivorous mammal. They thrive off smaller mammals and often prey on small farm animals, such as chickens and other birds. While they are carnivorous, they are able to eat nearly anything that would be found in the wild such as waste from other animals and berries. Foxes that are in the wild prefer to eat rabbits rather than moles and mice. They have a predatory instinct and will be able to chase nearly any type of animal until they get what they want out of the chase: a meal.

The fox is one of the most widespread species throughout the world. They are found in every location in the Northern Hemisphere and do not need extremely specific requirements for their survival environment. They are able to adapt to many different environments; they shed their coat in the heat and retain their coat when they need warmth in cold temperatures.

Red foxes, and most other types of foxes are nocturnal. They sleep during the night and sometimes sleep during the day if the weather is predominantly cloudy. They are able to adapt to different environments and will adjust the way their bodies work to the area they are living in.