What Is the Scientific Name for a Booger?

scientific-name-booger Credit: Lisa Gutierrez/Moment/Getty Images

A "booger," otherwise known as a boogie or bogey, is simply defined as dried nasal mucus. There is no scientific name for a booger.

Mucous membranes within the nasal cavity produce a colloidal mucus, a gel-like substance, that lines the cavity. Its purpose is to remove dust and other particles from air that passes through the nasal passage on its way to the lungs. Cilia, the tiny hairs that line the nasal cavity, eventually move the mucus down to the pharynx and into the digestive system. However, mucus close to the nostril openings loses moisture and dries out, resulting in "boogers," which the cilia are unable to move. Eating boogers, while considered impolite and vulgar, is natural. The human body is equipped to consume the liquid mucus, and the dried mucus is no different. However, nose-picking to remove the dried, hardened mucus can damage the nose, and germs on the fingers can cause. sickness