What Is the Scientific Name of an Azalea Bush?

The scientific name for azaleas would be either Rhodendron Tsutsusi or Rhododendron Pentanthera. Azaleas belong to the genus Rhododendron, part of the Ericaceae family. The evergreen azaleas belong to the subgenus Tsutsusi, while the deciduous azaleas belong to the subgenus Pentanthera.

Azaleas are a flowering shrub that bloom in the spring. Their flowers often last for up to several weeks. They are, in most cases, a slow-growing shrub that do well in well-drained acidic soil. They are native to Asia, Europe and North America. The flowers come in colors such as red, pink, purple, yellow, white and orange. The small size of azaleas means they can be used as house plants.