What Is the Scientific Classification of an Amoeba?


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According to the ITIS Standard Report Page, the amoeba is scientifically considered a species or genus within the kingdom Protozoa. The species consists of shapeless unicellular organisms that reproduce asexually.

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What Is the Scientific Classification of an Amoeba?
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Specifically, amoebas are part of the phylum Amoebozoa, as described by Max Lühe in 1913. In 2002-2003, they were placed into the kingdom Protozoa by Thomas Cavalier-Smith. They are also classified under the domain Eukaryota, as described in 1998 by Cavalier-Smith. The species or genus was first described in 1822 by Bory de Saint-Vincent and later added to the family Amoebidae. There are four major subspecies of amoebas identified as of 2014.

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