How Is Science Used in Everyday Life?


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Science is a broad term that can be used to reference a wide variety of different fields, inventions, innovations and concepts that have been researched. For this reason, it is difficult to describe the many ways in which science is used in everyday life. However, some of the areas of modern life that have been developed through scientific means include plastics, rubber, medicine, agriculture, and, perhaps most importantly, usable electricity.

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Science and the scientific method have allowed modern society to make a great number of different leaps forward in terms of technology and knowledge. In this way, science has become completely interwoven in day to day life. One of the most common examples of the utility of science in modern life is the usage of electricity. Without a firm understanding of electricity and the development of electronics with the scientific method, society would not have all of the benefits of many technologies. Communication and education among many other fields have been vastly improved by the creation of computers and other technologies that require electricity.

Additionally, the scientific method allows for the thorough study and understanding of certain elements and chemicals. This information can be applied in the development of safe, effective pharmaceuticals that can combat certain medical problems.

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