How Are Science and Technology Related?

Science and technology are two distinct disciplines, but they form a tight relationship where each builds off the advances of the other. It is well known among professionals of both fields that one could not thrive without the other.

The goal of science is to organize and expand knowledge by forming and testing hypotheses based on known and relevant data. The goal of technology is to apply research and knowledge for the production of goods and services or to improve techniques used in industry or science. Technology was often seen as the offspring of science, but the relationship has become more symbiotic as both science and technology have advanced in the past few decades. The core of all biological and chemical sciences and all technological processes and advances lies in physics. From the foundations of physics, as far as we currently know, all other sciences and technology are built.

Science is accomplished by observation, forming hypotheses from those observations, and testing them. Technology needs science to advance the goods it produces, but none of the steps in the scientific method can be accomplished without the means of modern technology as well. For example, cells and microbes could not have been studied without the advent of microscopes, which could not have been produced without the knowledge of how light passes through and is augmented by lenses. Each discovery in each field leads to advances in both fields.