What Are Some Science Projects Involving Acids in Soda?

Determining which type of soda is the most corrosive, due to the acid, is an interesting science project. This projects helps determine which soda is the most harmful to tooth enamel.

Six small bottles of different types of soda, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Sprite and Mountain Dew are necessary. One small bottle of distilled water is necessary. Gather together six plastic cups, six tarnished pennies and a measuring cup. A journal to log notes in, a pencil to write with and a marker for labeling are also necessary. Measure one cup of the Coca Cola soda and pour it into one of the cups. Write on the cup which liquid it contains. Measure one cup for each of the remaining sodas and water and label those cups as well. Drop one penny into each of the cups. The penny in the water cup is the control penny. During the course of the week inspect each penny thoroughly and record observations in the journal.

Things to look for and record include how much tarnish remains, how much has been removed and the color of the liquid. Determine which sodas removed the tarnish the fastest, the dark-colored sodas or the light-colored sodas. Compare the pennies soaking in soda to the penny soaking in water to determine the effectiveness the soda has at removing the tarnish.