What Are Some Science Project Ideas for Kids Using Magnets?

Testing different magnets to determine their strength or building a linear accelerator with magnets are some science projects using magnets that are appropriate for children. Experiments such as these are available on HomeTrainingTools.com and Education.com.

Home Training Tools offers instructions for two different magnet-related science projects. In the second experiment, children determine which of a selection of magnets is the strongest. To perform the experiment, kids need several different magnets as well as a box of paperclips, a notebook and a pencil. Adult supervision may be required.

To perform this experiment, the student holds up one of the magnets, and sticks a paperclip to the end of the magnet. She then sticks another paperclip to the end of the hanging paperclip, creating a chain of paperclips dangling from the magnet. She continues placing paperclips until no more stick or they begin to fall off the magnet. The student then records how many paperclips the magnet held. The process is repeated with each magnet and the magnet that was able to hold the most paperclips is determined to be the strongest.

In the magnetic linear accelerator experiment on Education.com, a child tapes four magnets to a wooden ruler, keeping the magnets about 2 1/2 inches apart. He then places two steel ball bearings behind each magnet, and a single ball bearing at the end of the ruler. The ball bearing on the end of the ruler is attracted by the first magnet, setting off a chain reaction that fires the steel balls off of the end of the ruler.