What Are Science Investigatory Projects?


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Science investigatory projects are projects that are experimental projects and that answer questions posed. Science investigatory projects follow the scientific method and are often introduced in elementary school.

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There are numerous science investigatory projects based on chemistry that young elementary students can do. One such project involves making bubbles from various bubble solutions, including a homemade corn syrup bubble solution, a homemade glycerin bubble solution and several store bought bubble solutions. The project involves testing all of the solutions and determining what solution makes the best bubbles.

Another fun project is to dye eggs using silk ties. Most people use dye tablets from the store in order to dye their eggs, but eggs can be dyed using silk ties. The investigative element can be whether heat should be used in the process. This is a fun project to do with children around Easter time.

For more advanced little scientists and chemists, and investigative science project can determine which enzymes are the most effective stain removers in laundry detergents. Background research should first be performed on the enzymes that are present in each detergent and on the various stained materials that will be cleaned. Predictions should then be made about which enzymes will be the most effective. After the predictions, the actual testing can begin.

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