What Are Some Science Information Websites?


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Examples of websites that focus on scientific information include LiveScience.com, ScienceDaily.com, ScientificAmerican.com and The-Scientist.com. These websites provide information on a variety of science-based subjects, such as health, technology and the environment.

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LiveScience.com features articles pertaining to planet Earth, space, human nature, history and animals. A section for strange news is also featured. Users may subscribe to the Live Science newsletter, which is delivered via email. Science buffs can also follow Live Science on social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, as of 2015. This website also features a shop where users can purchase science-related items, such as microscopes, telescopes, educational books and movies as well as memorabilia and novelty items.

ScienceDaily.com features many subcategories for its main subjects. Examples of subcategories available for the environment include climate, geography, archaeology, early humans, biotechnology and agriculture. Articles and information are also provided on the scientific aspects of society and education. Subcategories for this subject include consumerism, economics, public health, engineering, creativity and energy resources. Users may also subscribe to a newsletter from ScienceDaily.com via email.

ScientificAmerican.com features articles on energy and sustainability, evolution, the brain, biology, chemistry and physics. Educational videos and podcasts are also provided by this website.

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