What Are Some Science Games Using Electricity?


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Some electricity science games include “CLEO Circuit World,” “Electro-Bot” and “The Electric Journey.” These educational games all help kids learn more about electricity and the processes through which it travels and powers electronic devices.

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What Are Some Science Games Using Electricity?
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“CLEO Circuit World” allows players to build their own electric circuits using a variety of batteries, motors, resistors and wires. Arranging the objects on a grid, players must create a proper circuit in order to output power to an object. Pieces snap together to create complete circuits, and players can choose from a variety of different items and item appearances. After creating a circuit, players can save or print the results to share with friends.

In “Electro-Bot,” players must help a space travelling robot repair his broken ship to get home. Players can choose from a number of mini-games, all of which focus on a different part of the ship, including the alarm system, thrusters and warning lights. Each activity teaches kids about a different form of electric circuit using a simple drag and drop interface.

In “The Electric Journey,” players learn how electricity travels from its source all the way to their homes. Players first choose from different generating sources, including wind turbines, dams and nuclear plants. They must then arrange pylons, substations and underground cables to help the power reach a city.

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