What Are Some Science Fair Projects Related to Global Warming?

Science fair projects related to global warming include those that analyze the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, the El Niño weather pattern and the influence of carbon dioxide. Students also study how climate change affects natural systems and human health in science fair projects.

A science fair project designed to determine the effect of carbon dioxide on temperatures demonstrates how emissions of the gas from industrial plants and motor vehicles cause deforestation. A related experiment involves studying how changes in the ozone layer might be partly responsible for declining penguin populations in Antarctica.

The El Niño effect, which causes significant weather changes, is the warming of surface water in the eastern Pacific Ocean. One science fair project discusses how global warming might trigger the El Niño effect. The influence of ozone on human health is the subject of other experiments. One project probes the relationship of ozone and asthma sufferers' lung function. Another project considers the types of changes in ozone concentration and how human activities affect them.

One outdoor project, that takes six to 10 days to complete, takes an in-depth look at how the greenhouse effect alters the Earth's surface temperatures. In this project, the student builds a small greenhouse, then monitors interior and exterior temperatures.