What Are Some Science Experiments About Color?


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Science color experiments include creating a spectroscope, color-changing Powerade and colorful coins. To change the color of nickels and dimes from silver to bluish-green, cover them with a vinegar-soaked paper towel for 24 hours.

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To perform a color-changing experiment with a bottle of grape-flavored Powerade, pour 1/3 of the Powerade into a different container, then add one packet of Sweet 'n' Low to the Powerade bottle. Shake the bottle, then top it off with club soda, and let it sit with the cap off for 10 minutes. Place one cinnamon-flavored Altoid into the mixture, screw the cap on the bottle, and shake it. Set the bottle down, and the color disappears. Shake the bottle again, and the color reappears.

A spectroscope experiment shows how visible light is composed of multicolored wavelengths. To create a spectroscope, cut a slit about 1/2 inch wide and 2 inches long on one side of a medium-sized Priority Mail shipping box, and cut an oval-shaped hole on the left, adjacent side of the box. Tape an audio compact disc on the inside of the box across from the slit. Insert a paper towel tube into the oval opening, pointing toward the compact disc, and tape it in place. Seal the box so no light enters except through the slit and the tube. To use the spectroscope, point the outside end of the tube at a light source, and look through the slit. The light entering the box appears as a series of multicolored, vertical lines.

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