What Is Scarred Muscle Tissue?


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According to Body in Balance, scarred muscle tissue is muscle that has healed from injury and is weaker, less elastic and highly prone to reinjury. Muscles become scarred after they are damaged because they heal not with muscle tissue, but with collagen, a foreign substance.

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Body in Balance notes that when a muscle becomes injured, the initial process for repairing the damage involves random scar tissue fibers. These fibers come together but do not align properly, leaving the muscle susceptible to reinjury. For a muscle to fully heal, the scar tissue needs to align and integrate with the muscle fibers; however, the human body does not accomplish this efficiently. The healing process gradually improves the muscle but does not repair it completely. Therefore, the muscle becomes shortened, inflamed and potentially painful. The nervous system keeps the muscle in a shortened state to try to protect it from further harm; however, the muscle can remain in a shortened position for too long, sometimes causing chronic pain in the muscle.

According to Body in Balance, chronic pain patterns can persist for months or years because the nervous system stays on alert until the scar tissue heals completely and becomes aligned with the surrounding muscle tissue.

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