What Is a Sample of a Biodata Form?

A sample of a biodata form would be an application form that a company uses for prospective applicants. Biodata consists of factual information about a person's overall life and employment experiences, as well as questions about values, opinions and attitudes that reveal more information about the respondent.

One reason for the popularity of biodata forms in human resources functions is that the answers about past behavior provide helpful predictions about future conduct. These instruments are said to be more helpful than interest and personality inventories because they contain actual past behaviors rather than personal speculations about possible behavior.

Many biodata forms begin with objective questions in order to build a level of comfort in the respondent. Basic information such as name, address and other contact information, as well as questions about eligibility to work in a particular country often appear. Then the form becomes more narrative in nature, as the respondent indicates education and employment history, as well as lists of accomplishments in both of those settings. Finally, asking the respondent for an explanation for the choice of the position in the application, an elucidation of any applicable skills and responses to problem-based questions that cover areas that the position would require provide the greatest level of subjective input from the respondent, and it is this last section that gives potential employers the most helpful predictive information.