What's Bigger, a Lion or a Tiger?


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A Siberian tiger, also called an Amur tiger, is bigger than an African lion. Outweighing even the largest Bengal tiger by more than 150 pounds, the Siberian tiger is the world’s largest cat.

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What's Bigger, a Lion or a Tiger?
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The average Siberian tiger weighs 660 pounds (300 kilograms) and measures 10.75 (3.3 meters) in length. These large beasts are known for their incredible strength and power and hunt elk and boar in the wild.

The average African lion, by comparison, weighs 265 to 420 pounds (120 to 191 kilograms). Its head and body measures 4.5 to 6.5 inches, and its tail adds another 26.25 to 39.5 inches (67 to 100 centimeters).

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