How Do You Get Rid of Staghorn Algae?

How Do You Get Rid of Staghorn Algae?

How Do You Get Rid of Staghorn Algae?

Get rid of staghorn algae by manually removing the strands, treating the aquarium's plants and decoration components with diluted bleach and reducing the tank's daily light exposure. The required supplies for this procedure are rubber gloves, an old toothbrush, bleach, a clean bucket and warm tap water. The process takes approximately two hours.

  1. Manually remove the algae strands

    Wearing a pair of rubber gloves, remove the top of the aquarium, and gently pull the algae strands out of the water. Scrape up short strands with an old toothbrush. Touch the strands with the bristles, and twirl the handle of the toothbrush to embed the algae in the brush.

  2. Prepare a bleach solution

    Combine five parts warm tap water and two parts bleach in a clean bucket. Remove the aquarium's plants one at a time, submerge them in the bucket for five seconds and return them to the tank. After bleaching the plants, dunk the aquarium's decorations and filter components in the bleach solution. Submerge them for at least one minute, and then put them back in the tank. Discard the bleach solution.

  3. Reduce the lighting

    Reduce the aquarium's daily light exposure to eight hours, as additional light exposure encourages staghorn algae growth. Light reduction is particularly helpful for tanks with extensive algae development.