How Do You Get Rid of a Muscle Twitch?


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According to ZocDoc, you can stop muscle twitching by taking frequent rest breaks from repetitive forms of work. It may also help if you use ergonomically appropriate work equipment. Other beneficial actions to help stop muscle twitching include stretching exercises, getting plenty of sleep, lowering stress levels and drinking less caffeine.

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Muscle cramps and twitching are fairly common and tend to be a result of muscle strain or fatigue. For example, twitching of the forearm is commonly seen in people who spend most of their day typing on a computer keyboard, as stated by ZocDoc. In this case, an ergonomic keyboard may help in relieving the twitching.

In general, muscle twitching is made worse by fatigue and anxiety. Therefore, getting plenty of sleep and working on controlling your stress levels are very important in eliminating muscle twitches. This is also why it is helpful to avoid caffeine, as caffeine can increase the amount of twitching you experience as well as increase your level of anxiety.

Most importantly, you need to make sure the twitching is not part of a serious medical problem. Contact your doctor if you believe something is wrong, advises ZocDoc. Generally, muscle twitching is not a serious problem as long as it is isolated to one muscle group.

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