What Is the RGB Code for Dark Brown?


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The red, green and blue values for a dark brown color on an 8-bit color scale are 51, 25 and 0, respectively. These values can be altered slightly to fine-tune the color to a desired value. For example, reducing the green value of this color results in a progressively darker shade of brown.

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The RGB color system is only one of several color systems used to define colors in graphic design and computer graphics. RGB is particularly suited to use in computer graphics, as the pixels that make up a color display consist of red, green and blue dots. Higher overall values of all three colors within the RGB value triplet result in a brighter shade of a given color, while the ratio of each color to one another determines its hue. Alternative color definitions, such as the cyan, magenta, yellow and black system, commonly referred to as the CMYK scheme, are used in applications such as print media, where each of the values corresponds to a specific ink used in four-color prints.

Though RGB is traditionally defined in terms of an 8-bit scale where color values range from 0 to 255, 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit RGB color depths are also frequently encountered. The additional values allow for a wider range of individual colors. However, the precise numbers to create a specific shade in 16-bit and higher RGB differ from those for the 8-bit color depth.

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