What Reviews Are Available for DNA Ancestry Tests?


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Comprehensive reviews of DNA-based ancestry tests are found online at DNATestingChoice.com. This website ranks the different companies that offer ancestry tests based on consumer's reviews. Additional relevant information such as the cost and turn-around time of the companies and the differences in the services they provide is also given.

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What Reviews Are Available for DNA Ancestry Tests?
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Advances in technology have made DNA-based ancestry testing affordable and accessible for most people and the service is now offered by numerous companies. Before consumers choose which company they wish to purchase DNA testing services from, they should be aware of the different types of genetic ancestry tests that are available.

Y-DNA tests look at specific information on the Y-chromosome and can trace a man's paternal lineage, according to genealogy.about.com. Because women do not carry a Y-chromosome, they cannot use this test. There are also tests for mitochondrial DNA which, in both men and women, is inherited by one's mother. These tests can provide information about an individual distant maternal lineage.

Additionally, tests that use genetic information from the non-sex chromosomes can provide information about your ethnic makeup and family tree. Another consideration before choosing a company is to see what other services are bundled with the ancestry testing. For example, if you choose 23andMe, you may also receive a health report generated from your genetic information, depending on whether this feature is available in your country.

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